April 11, 2008

this is what happens when you're cocky

Last weekend, my friend Rich was drinking a tasty looking frappucino. I wanted to try its deliciousness, and he warned me of his cold before I greedily took my precious sips. I told him that I take care of myself, so clearly I wouldn't get sick. I also said that he probably wasn't even contagious anymore, because you're really only contagious at the beginning, and he'd had it for awhile. Basically, I told him I didn't care one stinkin' bit that he was sick, I just wanted my sips....and that there was little to no chance I would catch the cold.

I now have a cold....I have learned my lesson.

It's the weekend! Friends over tonight for dinner, seeing my friend Joe who I haven't seen in forever tomorrow night, and lots of homework and paper-writing in between! woohoo

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