October 31, 2005

Who knew Maryland was so cool???

Today, after a perfect morning of sleeping in, drinking chai lattes and visiting the National Cathedral with Jennifer, I spent a perfect afternoon traipsin' around Maryland with my new friend, Ray. We went to Annapolis and saw the state house, walked around the harbor and had ice cream. Then we went to Baltimore and walked around the harbor (Maryland, or "Merrylind" as they say, has lots of harbors I guess!), checked out the Orioles stadium, and ate pizza on the harbor.

A funny thing happened at the restaurant - 2 different waiters wanted to serve us and got in a big fight in front of us about who was going to do it. I asked them if they wanted us to leave....but they said how could we go wrong with 2 servers....hmmmm.

Now I'm chillin in Philly. Stay tuned for more!

October 30, 2005

My very first "blog"

Well, here I sit in the lovely basement apartment of Jennifer and Angeli in beautiful Washington, DC! This trip has proved to be very beneficial for my technological self - I now have "Stickies" on my laptop, I discovered that I don't always have to hold the mouse pad down to make the page move, AND I now have my very own blog! Jennifer is the coolest friend ever for showing me this fabulous side of life!

We visited Mount Vernon today, it was closer than Colonial Williamsburg :) The weather was lovely and we saw lots of real live dirty cows and sheep and turkeys. Since Jennifer has changed my life by helping me set up this blog, here's a picture of us at George's: