December 30, 2008


Last night I was babysitting Will and Grace (yep, that's their names!)....I had just helped the 4 year old wipe his bottom, when he looked at me and said: "Becky? (giggle) I think....I think that I love you!"

Quite possibly the cutest thing ever. The boy appreciates a good bottom-wiping...

December 16, 2008


"President" Bush had a pair of size 10 shoes thrown at him this weekend in Iraq. Is he really all that surprised?

*34 days til Barack Obama is inaugurated.
*34 days more that Bush has to smile his dumbfounded look and pretend like he gives a shit what happens to our country.

And check this out -

2 soldiers are practically pushed by Bush for him to stand between them and take a picture. That's our president folks, and even soldiers don't want a pic with him.

And don't get me started on our lovely governor....sheesh!

Barack - you give us hope. Thank you for being you. Please don't let this new power you have alienate you from the people of the world.

December 8, 2008

I just discovered my dear friend Virginia's weight loss blog. I was thinking, hmm, maybe that's a good idea. She heard that if you blog about your weight loss journey, you're more likely to stick with it. I'm worried if I did I'd just end up embarrassing myself.... haha.

I've been really wanting to get healthy, and so is Richard. I always seem to do really well for a limited amount of time, and then something happens that makes it all go away - and makes it so hard to start up again. Right now, I finally have less stress since I'm on break from school, but now I'm sick with a mysterious stomach illness that strikes suddenly, and keeps me feeling quite fatigued. I'm hoping the doctor will give me some good drugs soon so I can beat this thing!

Any of my other blog friends struggling to lose weight/be healthy? Let's all be buddies and motivators. Send me an email or give me a call. I think power in numbers is a huge support system. Also, if you haven't heard of it or checked it out before, please look at It's a great free site where you can log your calories/exercise, etc, plus there's lots of info and support for you. It also sets up a plan for you to get healthy and you can opt to get regular emails as well. Let me know if you join and we can be "friends." :) (Thanks to Virginia for introducing me to this site!)

I don't believe in "diets" by the way, especially anything that tells you not to eat a certain type of food. Depriving oneself will inevitably lead to failure, as you will most likely burst and binge on that food you haven't been eating! It's all about integrating this into your lifestyle. I've heard it takes 3 months to make something a habit. Sooooo let's set some short-term goals and accomplish them in 3 months, and after that it should be a piece of cake right?!