December 16, 2008


"President" Bush had a pair of size 10 shoes thrown at him this weekend in Iraq. Is he really all that surprised?

*34 days til Barack Obama is inaugurated.
*34 days more that Bush has to smile his dumbfounded look and pretend like he gives a shit what happens to our country.

And check this out -

2 soldiers are practically pushed by Bush for him to stand between them and take a picture. That's our president folks, and even soldiers don't want a pic with him.

And don't get me started on our lovely governor....sheesh!

Barack - you give us hope. Thank you for being you. Please don't let this new power you have alienate you from the people of the world.


-kat- said...

this is really a delayed comment, but i've been busy and slack on reading blogs lately, and of course i would wake up at 4:30am on christmas the ONE year we agreed to sleep in... neat.

anyway, you and virginia lit the fire under my ass and i thought, "shit, the more the merrier, right?" so i joined sparkpeople. only, i can't find you...??

Mariah said...

Thanks Becky. I loved that post.