April 27, 2006

Day 5 of The Cleanse

I am almost halfway through my cleansing...yep that's right, I, Reba So, have not eaten since last Saturday (it's Thursday). I am doing what's called The Master Cleanser (google it to find out more about it). Anyway, it's a cleanse program that's been around since the 70's. Basically, what you do is drink 6-12 glasses of "lemonade" a day...and by lemonade I mean: 10 oz water, the juice of a lemon, 2 T pure maple syrup, and a teeny bit of cayenne pepper.

The concept is that it cleanses you, detoxifies your body. (ie. It gets all the nasty crap out of your body!!!). My plan is to eat much more raw fruits and vegetables after this is over. It's 10 days by the way. I'm also going to cut dairy and eggs out of my diet. I won't be a strict vegan I don't think, but I do hope to try lots of new foods that are better for you. And quit eating processed and refined foods - ick!

So you can see, I'm going to be a health nut! :)

For those of you who read that I haven't eaten in 5 days, please don't freak out! It's completely healthy and I've done lots of research! Believe it or not, maple syrup has all the vitamins and minerals we need! Plus I have 2 of my favorite people doing it with me, so we're all giving each other moral support.