April 30, 2009

Swine what?

I'm not concerned about swine flu.

Just wanted to put that out there.

April 27, 2009

Soul Mates a la Sex and the City

carrie: i don't even know if i believe in soul mates.

charlotte: don't laugh at me but maybe we could be each other's soul mates. and then we could let men be just these great nice guys to have fun with.

samantha: that sounds fabulous!

38:31 - The previously posted time WAS wrong!

Imagine me screaming with excitement....turns out the time for the 5K was wrong, and they had only posted my "gun time," and not my "chip time." Sooooo the stopwatch was RIGHT!!!! I ran the 5K in 38:31!!!!! 38 just sounds so much better than 39.

April 26, 2009

I am finally getting an iPod

Please read this post and more at the blog I share with 2 lovely ladies trying to get fit and healthy just like me! http://vbkweightlossjourney.blogspot.com/

On Saturday, I officially ran for an entire 3.1 miles!!! Although most runners would probably shudder to hear that I call what I do "running"....more like shuffling. hehehe I set out to run it, and I didn't care how fast (um, slow) I was, just that I was in the act of running.

What I learned is this - while it does take a certain level of physical fitness to be able to run for more than a couple minutes at a time, so so soooo much of it is mental. If you set out to run for 5 minutes, that's how much you'll run, and most likely, you'll think it was a lonnngggg 5 minutes. If you set out to run for 3 miles, and you don't let anything stop you, you WILL run 3 miles. Seriously people - it's in your head! Ya just gotta psych yourself up!

In addition, it certainly helps to have some extra motivators...for example, knowing that bunches and bunches of people believe in you, and believe you can do this. If I ever felt the temptation to walk (which, surprisingly, was not often at all), I would say to myself "think of all the people who wished you luck before the race, who said they knew you could do this. don't let them down. I can TOTALLY DO THIS!!!"

Ok, so there's more that motivated me. I've said for over a year that I would finally join the 21st century and buy my first Ipod if I could run a 5K without any walking. So I would actually say all the stuff before, and that would kinda help, and then I'd just chant "purple Ipod, purple Ipod." Wow, a reward is incredible motivation people!!! Click the link to check out what I plan to purchase.... :)

I'm not done. I am convinced my official time is wrong (39:56) as I was wearing my own reliable stopwatch that said 38:30. And believe me, I busted my ass those last .3 miles so that I would beat last year's time of 39:07. And I mean busted. It was reallllly windy, blowing right against my whole tired body, AND the last part was uphill. Freaking uphill! In Chicago!! Seriously people!!! The race clock said 1:22 when I crossed the starting line, and 39 something when I crossed the finish line. So, clearly their chips were wrong. Please don't tell me otherwise, and let me believe I completed it quicker than last year when I actually walked for a bit....Or even better, tell me stories of races you've completed that you believe were timed wrong as well. That would really make my day.

Ahh...so after all this, my friend has convinced me to sign up for a 10K at the end of May. Which I believe to be absolute insanity. And I don't think there's any way I'd be able to run it. 6.2 miles. See? I told you it's all mental. I have 5 weeks to tell myself I CAN DO THIS! And so can you!

March 3, 2009

Chocolate Rehab

This post is also on my "health blog" that I share with my good friends...check it out: http://vbkweightlossjourney.blogspot.com/

I gave up chocolate for Lent. I don't always jump on the whole "giving something up for Lent" bandwagon, mostly because I want it to actually be meaningful and not just for the heck of it. However, these past few months, as I have really been focusing on my health, I'm realizing that I have an addiction to chocolate. Oh, I've used every excuse in the book, including "it's good for me!" But let's be honest, it's not like I'm only eating the "healthy" dark chocolate. I like all kinds of chocolate, especially M&M's. When I lived in France, I was eating practically a whole chocolate bar per day. That's not a French diet that gets you skinny!!! Duh.

So I thought what better time to test myself than now. I don't need chocolate....right? My pastor also quit chocolate. She told me when she really wants some, she stops to pray and thank God for all she has, instead of wanting more, more, more. And to pray for the people who don't even have a reliable source of food every day. Wow, shouldn't we all do this more often anyway?!

I lost 2 pounds this week. Is it because I gave up chocolate? We'll see if the trend continues...In the meantime, I will try my best to be thankful for all that I have.

January 21, 2009

Obama joys & Gym woes

I just wrote this post on my other blog - the we're getting healthy blog that my friends and I started...check it out: http://vbkweightlossjourney.blogspot.com/ and I thought it would make for a good post here as well...

:) I have been on a high since all of the inauguration festivities yesterday. I won't make this post too "political" (although anyone who knows the 3 of us knows where we stand...), but I must say the fact that I can now say "President Obama" will quickly contribute to me being healthier. I am now proud to say that I am American, and Americans voted for Barack Obama.

Even though it's been a great week, I've also had some challenges. I was quite frustrated much of last week - It was VERY cold here in Chicago, so I was forced to do all my running at the gym, sometimes at very crowded times. I would either wait forever (an hour = forever at the gym in my book!), or I would wait and the machine I'd been waiting for would be broken (are people seriously so selfish that they cannot go report the machine??? or at least cross it out on the sign-in sheet?? Seriously, people.)...or I would be on some stupid treadmill in which the emergency stop would keep slipping and causing me to almost fly off the treadmill.

Sorry, I'm a little bitter!

Yet - proud of myself for keeping it up, and not leaving after each of these things happened. And tonight, I had a fabulous time at the gym. Well, fabulous is pushing it, but it was pretty great! I even got to watch last night's Daily Show on Comedy Central so I was quite entertained as I ran.

Which, by the way, I am now walking 5 minutes, running 5 minutes, alternating for about 40 minutes. Even thinking about running in the infamous Shamrock Shuffle at the end of March...

January 5, 2009

Snooze Blues

(this is a recent post I wrote for my other blog with 2 friends of mine who are trying to take care of themselves as much I am) - check it out! http://vbkweightlossjourney.blogspot.com/

Every evening I set my alarm for the next morning, and I tell myself that I won't hit the snooze button when it starts to go off.

And every morning, I hit the snooze button. Many times. Way too many times.

I love being up in the morning, but I have a terrible time getting out of bed. It's like as soon as the alarm rings, this wave of extra sleepiness falls over me! And my snooze goes off every 5 minutes, so it's not as if the "extra" sleep I get is at all restful. In fact, I think it's a total waste of my time to hit the snooze! Plus, I hate sleeping in too late and then having to rush to class or work. I feel flustered when that happens.

I want to make a habit of getting up earlier each day and working out in the mornings because I find that it helps me have a better day.

Please advise me! I need to figure out how to be able to wake up in the mornings!!

January 1, 2009

2009 - My year to shine

2009 - How can it be possible? I remember thinking it was a pretty big deal when it turned 2000, and how would I get used to writing the year with a 0 in front? (1/1/09)...turns out it's not so hard to get used to, and all of a sudden a whole decade has passed. Wow.

And what a year it has been. My biggest highlight would be getting back together with Richard, although the election of Barack Obama follows at a close second (sorry, honey) :) hehe We spent a quiet New Years Eve together, and discovered how really awful all the tv programming is these days on NYE. Oh well ;)

This is gonna be a great year - I'll be graduating from at least one of my 2 masters programs if all goes as planned. I'm also totally committed to improving my health this year. I'm excited because me and 2 friends, Virginia and Kat, are all going to be writing a blog about our journey together. Check it out: http://vbkweightlossjourney.blogspot.com/. We have many individual goals, but we also want to all become runners (for real this time-haha). One of our hopes is to run in a 8K or 10K together by 2010 (and of course, start running 5K's on our own this year). Specifically, I will be running in the same race as last year, to support the American Brain Tumor Association. It's on April 25, and I have started training for it this week!!!

If you haven't looked at sparkpeople.com yet, you should check that out too. A free way to keep track of your food and exercise, and find all kinds of info on health of the body, mind, and spirit. Please let me know if you join so we can be buddies!

And please, do take care of yourselves as well. Hold me accountable, and if you need motivation, you know where to come to!!

On another note, go see Slumdog Millionaire if you haven't. A fabulous movie! You'll get angry, you'll cry, you'll laugh...and you'll leave feeling like awwwwwww. That's my best explanation. :)

Here's to a new year. Thank you to each of you for being a part of my life.