January 21, 2009

Obama joys & Gym woes

I just wrote this post on my other blog - the we're getting healthy blog that my friends and I started...check it out: http://vbkweightlossjourney.blogspot.com/ and I thought it would make for a good post here as well...

:) I have been on a high since all of the inauguration festivities yesterday. I won't make this post too "political" (although anyone who knows the 3 of us knows where we stand...), but I must say the fact that I can now say "President Obama" will quickly contribute to me being healthier. I am now proud to say that I am American, and Americans voted for Barack Obama.

Even though it's been a great week, I've also had some challenges. I was quite frustrated much of last week - It was VERY cold here in Chicago, so I was forced to do all my running at the gym, sometimes at very crowded times. I would either wait forever (an hour = forever at the gym in my book!), or I would wait and the machine I'd been waiting for would be broken (are people seriously so selfish that they cannot go report the machine??? or at least cross it out on the sign-in sheet?? Seriously, people.)...or I would be on some stupid treadmill in which the emergency stop would keep slipping and causing me to almost fly off the treadmill.

Sorry, I'm a little bitter!

Yet - proud of myself for keeping it up, and not leaving after each of these things happened. And tonight, I had a fabulous time at the gym. Well, fabulous is pushing it, but it was pretty great! I even got to watch last night's Daily Show on Comedy Central so I was quite entertained as I ran.

Which, by the way, I am now walking 5 minutes, running 5 minutes, alternating for about 40 minutes. Even thinking about running in the infamous Shamrock Shuffle at the end of March...

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