January 29, 2006

On a Caffeine High

Pretty sure I don't have anything to write right now....but it's 11:45 pm here in Chi-town, a time I would normally be asleep, or thinking I'd better get to bed. But not tonite.

Why you ask???

Because I was at Starbuck's all afternoon, chugging down lattes. BIG mistake!!!!!!

I am SOOOO tired, but I literally can't stop moving, nor can I shut my eyes. Oh yeah, I tried. I laid in bed and realized it was a complete waste of my time.

So why was I at Starbuck's indulging myself in all this caffeine?


Whew. All I have to do is print them and send them off. I should be excited shouldn't I? Relieved? Like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders??

Maybe the reason I don't feel all that is because I'm drugged up from all the caffeine. Did I really NEED all that caffeine to keep me going? Did I really NEED to get that 2nd and 3rd coffee???

Don't get me wrong, I'm psyched that my stuff is done. And I even think it's pretty decent.

But I must admit I'm pretty terrified as well (Wow I feel like this might be too much information for my innocent little blog!!!) :) hehehe you've been warned.

I'm applying to 3 schools. 3 schools in completely different areas of country. 3 schools each with tons of pros, but each has their cons as well. I really like all 3. I have absolutely NO IDEA where I'm going to be in 5 months!!!

Hmmm...maybe it's not the caffeine keeping me awake. Maybe it's my own crazy self.

Other than that, everything is fabulous!!! :)

January 25, 2006

Save Grizzly Bears!!

Bush and his cronies are trying to take grizzly bears off the endangered species list!!! However, there is still only a small number still living in the Yellowstone area, and taking them of this list would also make it legal for hunters to shoot and kill them.

Please go to the following website: http://www.savebiogems.org/bears/takeaction.asp to learn more and sign a petition! It only takes but a moment...

January 23, 2006

Knitters Unite!

Virginia let me know about this website:


It is fabulous!! Everyone knows where I stand politically...and everyone knows that I'm a knitter....

Are you confused yet?? Politics?? Knitting?? All together??

Check it out :)

January 22, 2006

It's Been a Long Time

Well, after the last month of travelling I am psyched to be settled back in Chi-town again!!! Not to say the travels weren't awesome...but living out of a suitcase gets old after awhile. In case you aren't up to date on where I went (and some of my fave pics):

Home - for Christmas of course! It went quickly, and I had the Gathering looming over my head the whole time...but it was still nice to be home for a few days.

San Diego - the LSM National Gathering...it was fabulous!!! Since it was my second year doing it, I was so much more relaxed, and had more time to hang with new and old friends. It really couldn't have been any better!

(New Year's Eve on the balcony with my hot new pals) (me and Elizabeth - taking a break!)

Jamaica mon - Oh yeah baby - even though we missed our flight, we still got there ok a day late. It's the only time I've ever gone anywhere without ANY obligations. The main goal of each day was to lay out on the beach as much as possible! We did spend one day doing a waterfall hike - meaning we just hiked right through the water. Pretty sure I don't know the last time I did something that cool!! I have a nice tan - wait, I mean had...it's already faded in this lovely Chicago weather. :)

(after a sunset) (me and Heather - hotties chillin')

South Carolina - first half of the week for a meeting, second half fun times with Virginia, Michael, and Kat!!! We spent some time in Charleston, mostly walking around and eating/drinking a lot!! (Wet Willie's I will be back!!) ;) A lovely day of watching football, eating pizza, and drinking margaritas on Sunday.

(me and Virginia - hotness!!!) (me and Kat - more hotness!!!)

So that's my trips in a nutshell!! I was in Chicago a total of 2 days in over a month!! Fun Times! Next trip??? Hmmm definitely Minneapolis to see all my peeps in the hood. Peace out y'all.

January 3, 2006

Jamaica, Here I Come!!!

Ok, so maybe my flight was SUPPOSED to be today...and maybe I DID sleep through my alarm this morning. But praise the Lord, Heather and I are still on our way to Jamaica, mon - only a day late.

Not that I didn't have a good excuse for sleeping through my alarm...probably got about 12 total hours sleep in the last 5 days!!! But the National Gathering in San Diego is officially over, and I survived it. I think it went well, and it sounds like the participants had a great time. I spent New Year's Eve on the balcony of my hotel with several great new and old friends, overlooking the San Diego bay - couldn't really ask for better than that!!

Peace out friends - I will post some pics from my Jamaica trip when I return (IF I return - did I mention when we missed the flight they also cancelled our return trip?!)