January 3, 2006

Jamaica, Here I Come!!!

Ok, so maybe my flight was SUPPOSED to be today...and maybe I DID sleep through my alarm this morning. But praise the Lord, Heather and I are still on our way to Jamaica, mon - only a day late.

Not that I didn't have a good excuse for sleeping through my alarm...probably got about 12 total hours sleep in the last 5 days!!! But the National Gathering in San Diego is officially over, and I survived it. I think it went well, and it sounds like the participants had a great time. I spent New Year's Eve on the balcony of my hotel with several great new and old friends, overlooking the San Diego bay - couldn't really ask for better than that!!

Peace out friends - I will post some pics from my Jamaica trip when I return (IF I return - did I mention when we missed the flight they also cancelled our return trip?!)


slagleorama said...

can't wait to see your pics!!!

slagleorama said...

where are the pics????? ;)