December 13, 2005


Hi, My name is Becky and I am addicted to Kettle Chips.

(Funny how often this blog is where I write about food....) Hmmm

If you haven't tried Kettle Chips recently, and you're looking for a new food to make you fat, check out Kettle Chips. Plain old "lightly salted" flavor. I think I've eaten at least 10 servings in 2 nights. Wonder what I'm going to wear on New Year's Eve since I won't be able to fit into my dress because I'll have gained 10 pounds in chips (not to mention all the Christmas treats)


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Anonymous said...

Mmmmm, I guess I have to take some responsibility there, ooops! But seriously, you should try the one in the brown bag, the salt and ground pepper krinkle cut ones. They're the bestest!

No worries about the dress, my dear, just wear a stretchy skirt and a cute top :D