December 4, 2005


I'd forgotten what it's like to have "homework." As I sit here, thinking of any possible things I could do to procrastinate (eating being top on my list), I should be writing my entrance essay for candidacy. Hey, maybe I'll write here all about what I want to do next in my life, and when everyone asks me, I can just direct them to my blog!! :)

At the moment I'm torn between just packing up in May when this job ends, moving back to MN and finding a job for a year (maybe McDonald's would hire me??) OR my other option is actually getting my darn essay done, and applying for school so that I can do something worthwhile (Something tells me this is probably the better option).

Here's what I have to write about (in a condensed nutshell): 4-6 pages about
1. events, circumstances, and people who've affected my faith and sense of call, and how others encouraged me to explore "theological study."
2. my family of origin and how it shaped who I am
3. current life situation, including marriage situation (nonexistent), physical, spiritual, and emotional health (all excellent of course...except for those 3 buttery biscuits I just ate in 5 minutes), and financial situation (poor)
4. reflect on my personal journey of faith
5. reflect on understanding of ministry I feel called (diaconal ministry - I want to get a dual degree in social work, and see where that takes me. I don't feel called to be an ordained pastor at this time in my life.)

Whew!!! Soooo apparently I will have no trouble with the length. I've determined that I could write a book about this (I didn't say it'd be an *interesting* book...just a long one!!)

Don't even ask me which schools I'm applying to....but if you're interested, I'm probably applying to schools in: Chicago, Philadelphia, Berkeley, and St. Paul. Hmmm....



Anonymous said...

Wow, Becky, what an essay! Whew! How did it go? I think that your response, no matter what its length, would be very interesting to read, so there :P


Becky said...

Um...wish I'd actually written it!!! hehehe

Definitely haven't....