December 8, 2005

Am I really in Minnesota??

It is snowing like a mo-fo here in Chicago. It's our first "real" snow and everyone forgot how to drive. Luckily, I took the bus today and didn't have to deal with all the crazy drivers. HOWEVER, I was on a 3 mile bus ride for over an hour, and it was crowded and wet and smelly. Eew.

The forecast is for up to 9 inches - and wind chills 0 to 10 below.

Just in case you don't believe me, here's a picture of my car parked outside my building:

It doesn't look too bad though, does it? It's only supposed to snow another couple hours...


Becky said... I just found out that a plane slid off the runway at Midway airport here in Chicago, through a fence, onto the road and hit a car. Yipes.

The real question is - why on earth were they letting a plane land in 8 inches of snow and no visibility??!!!

Becky said...

WEATHER FORECAST FOR CHICAGO: 2-5 more inches scheduled for tomorrow