July 1, 2007

Week 1 Complete

Well I have survived my first week! There was never any doubt really....

I had a big week of meeting lots of new people, learning lots of new things, and adjusting to the schedule of a dedicated union worker. :) Some of the best experiences I had this week were getting to know some members of the union who are working in food services. Each person expresses a deep desire for something better. They know that the wages they receive and the benefits they do not receive just aren't cutting it. These people are leaders and they are trying to help others in their workplaces find energy to fight....but this task finds opposition. People are tired and overworked, and the thought of adding another thing to their schedule doesn't seem possible. And yet, they keep on fighting. I am in complete admiration of each person I met this week, and I only hope that I am able to keep the same constant passionate energy that I found in each person.