April 8, 2008

Chicago drivers

I have an 8-10 page paper due tomorrow. Seriously, people, it's only the second week of the quarter!!! Why on earth would you want us to have any sort of free time ever - even in the beginning of the quarter....

On my way home tonight (in a wild thunderstorm!) I saw a bumper sticker that really amused me. It might be because I'm a little stir crazy from working on my paper, and tomorrow I'll look back at this and go "What was I thinking?!" We'll just have to see, I guess. I think it exemplifies the attitude of many (most?) Chicago drivers....and I just might have to pick one up for myself.

How am I driving?
Call 1-800-EAT-SHIT.


1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Dave and I saw a good bumper sticker the other day in the Target parking lot:

"On judgment day, you'll wish you had Jesus stickers on your car."