December 11, 2006

Laundry woes

I just mailed in my last paper of the semester. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh a nice big ole load off my shoulders for the next month and a half or so!! wooohoooo

I woke up this morning and thought I'd be productive and start doing some much needed laundry right away (oh yeah, also doing my boyfriend's laundry - what kind of girl am I??!!!) . Anyway, when I go down to put the clothes in the dryer, there's a guy in there who's already moved my clothes to start using the washer (My other washer was still running, so he must have been standing there waiting for my clothes to finish). Have a I mentioned that I hate when other people touch my clothes!?? guess I have to deal with it if I'm using a public laundry area....oh well).

I put all my clothes into the dryer and then the stupid thing doesn't work. There's only 2, and the other dryer has a tag on it that says it's out of service. So I'm like, now what? I go back upstairs with some of my stuff and bring down an empty basket, figuring I'll have to go find a laundromat (gasp) or something like that. When I return, the mysterious guy has all his wet clothes in the supposed broken dryer, and tells me that it works.

Interestingly enough, the tag was on the wrong dryer.


And rather than let me use it, since my laundry was there first, he says "sorry" and continues to use it. So I have to let my wet clothes sit til whenever he's done doing all his laundry.

aye aye aye

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