December 27, 2006

Happy Kwanzaa

Christmas was lovely this year. On Christmas morning, according to tradition, we all had brunch at my Grandma's (although tradition changed a bit because my Grandma moved out of the house she'd been in for the past 40 years and into a senior living residence place).

Anyway, my family really missed Richard, so they even called him up to tell him so. Then during brunch, as someone is saying Merry Christmas, someone says Happy Kwanzaa...just being silly I guess since we're as white as white gets :) My lovely grandmother goes...."oh....kwanzaa? Is that Mexican for Christmas?"

OMG - I was laughing so hard.

THEN, my mother goes "No - it's for Jews!!!"

WHAT?!!! Is my family that culturally behind??? We cleared up the fact that the Jewish holiday is called Hannukah (I have no idea how to spell it...sorry). And then we cleared up the fact people don't speak Mexican, they speak Spanish. We didn't even get to explain Kwanzaa before someone changed the subject (which happens frequently and with ease in my family!!!)

Aaahhhh my lovely family.

Feliz Navidad - I think that's Spanish for something or other..... ;)

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Pili Pili said...

LOL! That's the best quote I've heard in awhile! Silly Wisconsinites!