December 21, 2006


On Thursday nights Richard and I tutor at my church on the north side. Today we had our annual Christmas party instead of hitting the books. The kids were amazingly cute. They got to make penguin ornaments, and decorate cookies. We discovered some of the kids who are pretty awful at math or reading are actually incredible artists!! Norm, our leader, had the great idea of having the kids give their cookies to people they were thankful for at the end of the night. It was really cool to see the kids be excited about giving, and not just the receiving....although they did receive a lot! We had some donations from Norm's school and the kids took home bunches of stuff with them. It felt good to give. We get so caught up sometimes at Christmas - caught up in the hustle and bustle, everyone is tense wondering about what to give, how much to spend, etc...but that's not what matters you know? Let's be thankful for what we do have, and make sure those around us know we are thankful. That's probably about the best thing we can give.

Merry Everything :)

p.s. I stole that phrase from a MoveOn holiday card I just saw on the internet tonight. Check out all the cool e-cards they have on their site!

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