November 2, 2005

Haiku Fun

In honor of Elizabeth's recent haiku posting, and also in honor of the many hours I spent in my car yesterday:

There are bad drivers
Taking over Chicago
I want them to LEAVE.

And now in honor of my current state of mind:

Work Work Work Work Work
Will I eat lunch, or will I:
Work Work Work Work Work

I'm in a much better mood than I may sound!!!! :) PEACE OUT!!!


slagleorama said...

yo yo reba so
what has gotten into you
with all these haikus?

Pili Pili said...

I cannot believe
you have made the leap
to post like me

--- eh I tried ---

Becky said...

Yay! Timmy has left me a comment!! So so fun. But honey, a haiku's middle line has 7 syllables!!

Pili Pili said...


I cannot believe
you made the fantastic leap
to post like me