November 10, 2005

Candy Corn

I'm on a role...might as well procrastinate a bit more...

What the heck is candy corn made out of?????

I recently saw a candy corn package that said "Made with real honey." Yummy I thought!! However, does that mean all other kinds of candy corn are made with fake honey? No honey at all??? What is IN candy corn? (I'm guessing I don't really want to know...)

I don't even like candy corn really, but once I eat one, I can't stop. These particulary candy corns were excellent though, I must say, so I'm thinking the real honey had something to do with it.

They were Brach's brand. If you are a candy corn fan, this is definitely the brand to get.

Happy Fall!!


slagleorama said...

what's in candy corn?
something that causes hyper-activity. that is all i know!

missorama said...

i am also weary of the candy corn... honey or no honey, the ingredients are sketchy. yet, they truly are a necessity during the harvest season. so eat up!

slagleorama said...

why don't you have a counter on your site yet?????
call me if you want help setting it up!!!!

PS: you should check out gwen's blog -- she often writes about our latest adventures before I even have a chance to!