November 3, 2005

the curious case of who REALLY showed Becky the blogging side of life

Interestingly enough, I've discovered that I actually learned about blogs from Tim. Jennifer, what do you make of this claim??? I believe we have a feud about to start because Tim claims that I quite possibly may be "giving you all the credit."

Now, in my opinion, the real question becomes, Do we believe the word of someone wearing this ridiculous cowboy hat? Hmmm....Now THAT'S a question to ponder!


Pili Pili said...
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Pili Pili said...

are you startin' somethin', becky?!

slagleorama said...

whoa -- who's the one who sat your bobo (see Miss Congeniality 2 for the definition of this term) down on my futon and made you sign up for a blog???

that's right. it was me. and i'm darn proud of it!