March 30, 2008

"Spring Break 2008"

Ah, such a fun week! Crazy how "spring break" is neither very springy nor a break. Hmmm. It snowed a foot of snow on my first day of Spring Break. Aside from the fact that it was almost Easter and the day before had been the first day of "spring," it was very pretty. I love big snowstorms. Except when they leave me trapped in my parents house (literally - I couldn't leave til my dad plowed the driveway out).

While it was a "break" from school, it definitely was busy. But good busy. No, great busy. I was running around seeing people and all that, which was awesome. And staying up really late and sleeping half the day - can't really complain about that!!! Megan and Sarah were here in Chi-town for the weekend and we had a blast. Friday night's concert pretty much rocked my sweet little world. And Saturday night's birthday festivities for Lauren pretty much knocked me senseless. haha. Note to self: Long Island Ice Teas DO work wonders.

I don't have the energy to put up pictures/videos from my fabulous weekend...and really, the good stuff is on Megan's camera, now far far away in Minneapolis. :( Since I don't have the energy/the actual pics, I thought I'd leave you with some Dan Wilson lyrics...

One life is all we ever get
And all we ever give up for it in return
Is all the ones we might have been (Seems to be a theme for me lately)
Just one kind of beautiful each in our turn
Innocence and consequence
I only hope we never learn
Running all around all around
All kinds of beautiful.

Back to school tomorrow. Real world - you suck!

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