March 26, 2008

My favorite things

Some of my favorite things....

*Sun, Sun, Sun, especially these first days of spring.
*the Twin Cities - somewhere I am destined to live again someday in my future. When? who the hell knows.
*Sleeping til 10 everyday, and staying in my pajamas til noon
*No homework.
*my Minnesota friends, especially the pregnant ones :) For some crazy reason, I'm feeling this huge urge/desire to be married and having babies...and I thought I wasn't ready for that anytime soon. But I might be. Oh, Crap.
*Sucking at that ridiculous buckhunter game at the bar...well, that really wasn't that much fun. hahaha
*pedicures with the funny woman who called Marie "wide."
*Potbelly is now in Minnesota!
*Free alcohol. And free food. In no particular order.
*did I mention no homework?

Moral of the story: I love driving up to the Cities on spring break and hangin' with my favorite people in the world, and being lazy, and ..........

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