November 28, 2006

Funky Dream

So I woke up this morning crying - all because of a bizarro dream! Emotional? Yes. Crazy? Yes. Any explanations? Maybe....

Picture this - I'm house-sitting for God-knows-who, mostly watching all their animals. I didn't really go out to the barn to check on them very often and all of sudden I noticed kittens running around. I was upset because I didn't think I was supposed to "let" the cats get pregnant (Apparently I was house-sitting long enough for animals to conceive and have babies....). Much to my dismay, when I head out to the barn I find that some of the kittens have major deformities. They were very tiny and had faces of different animals...for example, one had a pig snout. So I'm freaking out because the animals apparently had "relations" with each other. Then there's a big animal birthing a cow...but this big animal is not a cow, so it was major weird. My dad finally comes home and I ask him if the animal who is clearly suffering trying to give birth will make it and he says no. So I say can't we do anything to help it, to stop it from suffering and he says no. Then I fall to the ground crying for this poor animal, and wake up crying for real.


My only guess is that before bed I was reading from the book "When Bad Things Happen to Good People." It's for a class - I'm supposed to write about suffering in the Book of Job. Eek. So maybe there is some explanation for this wacko dream....

Please pray for my sanity!!!

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