November 21, 2006

Donate your old eyeglasses

I was cleaning my room today (gasp!...I'm supposed to be studying, so cleaning my room is a lovely procrastination tool!) and found 2 old pairs of glasses. I was about to throw them away when I had the thought that there must be organizations out there who will take them and give them to people who can't afford them. I did what any smart girl would do and I googled "donating old eyeglasses" and found that there are many options! I decided to go with Unite for Sight. You go to the website, register (takes 10 seconds) and they send you an email with the address of where to send them. It's as easy as that!!!

Don't throw your old glasses away - Donate them!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

excellent suggestion! However, you never know when those pink plastic frames from 5th grade might be needed...I could just get new lens put in and they would be as good as new!

Jennifer (I can't sign in under my blog account b/c I forgot the password!! this is terrible, just terrible!)