March 9, 2011

I'm Baaaack!

I last wrote an entry in the blog in May 2009. And by "wrote" I of course mean, I posted a picture of me with my shiny new purple iPod. Clearly, I had my priorities!

Here it is March 2o11. Nearly 2 years later. I'm all graduated. I'm 30 years old. I'm still running (both literally & figuratively - ha)...and listening to that same iPod.

But why does May 2009 seem like a million years ago?

I've been toying with the idea of becoming a more serious blogger for about a year now (which equals about a half million years in my time-warped brain). It all started with my idea to have a blog solely about Chicago drivers. You see, I have a plethora of tips & tricks, not to mention some common sense, that I'd LOVE to teach my fellow drivers in Chicago. And, considering that I'm obviously an excellent driver....who better to teach others...than me, right?!

But that felt pretty limiting as I thought it through. I'll be sharing those here, along with the other random, yet relevant thoughts that pop into my head.

Yep - relevant random rants by Reba. How can you resist my rambling?

Who knew I was so skilled at alliteration.

By the way...if you find yourself thinking, haha this is funny, or haha this chick is crazy, or haha I don't get what this girl is sayin but for some reason I kinda like it....well, fell free to spread the love. You should know that after many years of school and thousands of dollars spent, I've realized that my true calling was not to be a member of the traditional work force. Nope! My true calling is to write a random ass blog that hits it big and makes me a billionaire. True story!

But I'm starting from scratch here and will need all the help I can get. If there's a topic you want me to write about - please let me know! I welcome your thoughts. And if you've read this far, well, shucks. You're amazing.

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Mariah said...

Ahh you are back! (Only took me a few months to realize it...). I love it! I love your posts! xo