March 13, 2011

An afternoon of not-so-deceptive domesticity

Virginny Lee & I were feeling quite domestic on Friday, and attempting to be radical homemakers. We started updating our old blog, which is now new-ish...but I won't unveil it quite yet. I'm just getting the hang of this again, prolly too soon to commit fully to a second blog, eh?!

VA has the book "Deceptively Delicious" by Jessica Seinfeld - yeah, THAT guy's wife. The whole concept of the cookbook is that you can puree various fruits & veggies, stick them in random foods that you wouldn't normally, and voila! You will have successfully deceived your kids and fed them healthy food without them even realizing it!

Now, I don't have kids...and I'm not so into the deception part....but I AM all about figuring out more ways for ME to get more produce in my diet - especially veggies. So when we found a recipe adding veggies to one of my FAVORITE desserts (BROWNIES!!), I thought, why not?!

So here is a story about VA & Reba making low-fat spinach brownies :-)

The first thing you need to do is puree some veggies. This particular recipe called for pureed carrots and pureed spinach. Pureeing requires steaming the veggies, then blending in a food processor or blender. Here's some pics:

After the pureeing, it was time to make the brownies!
And I just realized I totally forgot to take a pic of the actual brownies!! It's okay, I want to try making them again sometime with a few tweaks of my own. They tasted...spinach-y. haha. I'll try and post the recipe for y'all (I've been down South too long!) when it's not 2 am...

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Katy said...

bah! radical homemakers! one of my favorite books!