May 5, 2008

Tragedy in Burma

By now you have probably heard about the devastating cyclone that hit Burma (called Myanmar now, but many residents refuse to call it this because it's the ruling military government that changed the name). My close friend, May May, who I work with in the Admissions Office, is from Burma. Specifically she is from Rangoon (which you will see as Yangon in the news reports). Communication is down over much of the country and May May is unable to find anything out about her family. Her cousin is also here in Chicago and was able to get connected for a short conversation and was told that her whole house was destroyed, but that her family was safe. They are saying as many as 10,000 could be dead - and the country has a major lack of food and clean water. Please pray/send good thoughts for May May and her whole family. It is so difficult for her to be here and trying to go on with life as usual, not knowing about her parents and the rest of her family.

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