May 18, 2008

Sunday night

It's my goal to find songs that refer to "home" - hit me up if you know some good ones!!!

Looking at you, holding my breath
For once in my life I'm scared to death
I'm taking a chance letting you inside

I'm feeling alive all over again
As deep as the sky, under my skin
Like being in love, she says, for the first time
Maybe I'm wrong, I'm feeling right
Where I belong with you tonight
Like being in love to feel for the first time

We're crashing
Into the unknown
We're lost in this
But it feels like home

~Lifehouse. Duh.

1 comment:

-kat- said...

re: home.
lyrically, it doesn't fit, but the soundtrack to ONCE sounds the way i want my home to sound. if that makes sense.
re: chicago.
no ticket yet, but i really really really really wanna come... but there are some... arg. i dunno. complications i guess? we should chat.