September 25, 2007

Squirrel Update

Apparently nothing generates comments like talking about squirrels!! :)

Well our situation has only gotten worse. I'm sorry for those of you who actually like squirrels but my opinion has not changed...much. I'm actually starting to feel sorry for the things. They must be incredibly confused about their environment and all that to think that my apartment might actually be a good place for them to eat and live.

Yep, that's right. Turns out the squirrels found our stash of Hershey kisses. We found the container knocked over in our living room. Along with chocolate crumbs and wrappers nearby. My roommate swears it wasn't her doing :) So then for several days we started finding kisses hidden throughout the apartment: in the couch, behind a bed, and yeah, IN my bed. Um, I thought I hated squirrels and then I discovered that one (or who knows how many) had actually been scurrying around hiding hershey kisses in my bed. Now I'm furious. And like I said, feeling some pity towards them. But more on the hateful side unfortunately. So now we never open our door or windows, even when we're home we have to watch pretty carefully or they actually try and "sneak" by, like I don't notice or something when I'm sitting right there on the porch!!! No more hershey kisses in our apartment and I keep my door closed. And my bedding and everything in my room is sparkly clean in order for me to get every possible squirrel germ out of there!!!

So I challenge you - do you still want to tell me that squirrels are cute? :)

(I love you Sarah - thanks for trying to stick up for the squirrel community. I should really work on my compassion!!!)

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