September 18, 2007

I hate squirrels

I know - hate is a harsh word. I try not to use it. However in this case, it is completely acceptable. Squirrels apparently want something in my apartment. I'm not sure what. I mean, I know my roomie and I are pretty cool and all, and we have lots of cool stuff. But I didn't know squirrels would be so interested in it. I also had no idea that squirrels have gotten so brave. After replacing our screen on the back door after a squirrel had bitten through and come into our apartment, one promptly made another attempt - while I was sitting on the porch in front of the door. They hang out outside and wait for an opportunity. They've actually been on my roommate's desk and knocked down picture frames. I don't want squirrels in my apartment. I still have a bit of a grudge from a few years back when one ate my infamous geranium plant right in front of me. And now this. I think I'm jinxed.

In other news, I'm officially a University of Chicago student - have the id card, and even my first assignment. Mind you, classes have not started yet. Nope. I have a paper due on the first day! I'm not sweating it though. I am so ready.


Sarah said...

I was actually just thinking the other day about how much I love squirrels. True, I've never had one come into my house or eat any of my plants...but still. How can you hate this? :)

Congrats on being an official student!


Ann Storck said...

We had a crazy squirrel run through our apartment. We're not even sure how it got in, but we had to call an exterminator to help us chase it out. I hate squirrels too!