May 8, 2007

Luther Blows?

Someone is clearly not happy with my people!!! Thanks to Marie and Tim for texting me this pic all the way from good ole St. Paul, Minnesota. What do the Minnesotans have against Luther?! You maybe can't tell, but it is actually written in tar, not spray paint. Someone had some serious issues with Luther and wanted to share them with all who drove down this road. Interesting. I will admit, I have some issues with Luther too (predestination anyone?), however I wouldn't go so far as to tar my issues onto the street. Oh well. Freedom of speech is a good thing and I will not complain!

I would personally change it to say "Finals Blow" ....however I can't complain really. Two classes down, only two more to go. I can do this!! Maybe I should stop procrastinating this morning...

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