April 4, 2011

Can I have the negatives please?

My dear grandmother, Ms. Georgia Rapaelian, turned 90 last week! Doesn't she look amazing?!

She wouldn't let us throw a big party ("When I turn 100, THEN we can have a big party!)...so the family went out to dinner at the very fancy Olive Garden. We asked the servers what they could do since it was the old lady's birthday and they gave us two options:

1. buy a personal size cake for $6 (ummm...heck no. I spent the day making 2 desserts!)

2. they told us WE could sing to her, and if they were around, they'd join in. Apparently "corporate" has told them they can't sing "their song" anymore...whatever that means.

So, we sang our hearts out, and the whole restaurant laughed at us, and then we went home and ate my desserts.

Dessert was pineapple cheesecake squares (Grams told me that pineapple was her fave fruit so that's how I chose that one), and I made a vegan chocolate bundt cake (shhh I didn't tell anyone it was vegan haha!!!).

Grandma wanted to do a photo shoot of the grandkids since hers are all from when we were in high school. My brother and I are single. My 2 cousins are partnered. So the shoot went like this:

G: "Ok, Becky, go stand over there, alone."

Me: "What? Why do I have to go alone? Can't my brother and I be in a pic together?"

G: "No! I have 4 photo frames...what am I supposed to do with the 4th frame if you and your brother are in the same pic?"

So my brother and I stood alone for our pics...my brother held his arms around an imaginary girlfriend, and I pretended to sit on an imaginary man's lap. That way, it's easy enough to photoshop someone in? :-)

But...the BEST part of the night...after we took the pics, Grandma asked if we could give her the negatives so she could get copies made! Poor thing...didn't realize we don't use negatives anymore. So about 10 minutes after we told her this, Grandma bursts out with, "Wait...so if we don't use negatives anymore, does that mean that Kodak has gone out of business??" She was so sad for Kodak.

I reallllly love my grandma.

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-kat- said...

that's the best reaction i've ever heard of. my mexican host dad was just confused about how i got pictures on my computer but not in my hand. no concern whatsoever for the corporate giants that are now falling to their knees in the wake of this development. haha....