August 20, 2008

Times of transition

This summer has been a summer of transitions (as usual?).......

*I moved...just down the street. To a fabulous new apt - my room is huge, and my rent went down because I have 2 roommates instead of 1.

*I saw my roomie off as she moved to Baltimore for her year-long internship in a Lutheran church. Krista is going to be amazing there, and Richard and I can't wait to go visit her and eat some crabcakes! Hopefully sometime in the spring we'll get out there, and visit Jennifer and Dave and their new pup, Thula, in DC too!

*I have 2 new roommates - Elizabeth and Rebecca, and they are both friends of mine that I've gotten to know the past couple years. We're all so busy - since I moved in a month ago, the 3 of us have all been here at the same time only twice!

*I got a new cat. Simba is a 4-month-old kitten that I picked up off the street. Richard and I were at a block party "in the hood" as he would say...and this little kitty just came up to me and fell asleep on my lap. The neighborhood said his owners moved and left him there, so he was homeless. Soooo needless to say I couldn't just leave him there. :) He's adorable, and verrrrry playful. The vet also diagnosed him with ADD...which seems to be true so far. He also has a bit of an aggressive side, and keeps missing the litter box, so we're working on all that... :) We also found out he has a parasite so he's been on meds as well. Nala has been dealing with all the transition very well, but she's not the happiest kitty at the moment. I think she would prefer to be back in our old place with Krista and no other kitties, haha. But fortunately, my roommates have been awesome and very helpful with both cats, so I'm sure we'll all be settled soon...

Yeah, go ahead and say it - I've turned into a cat lady. I know I know

*School transitions - finished my not-so-great internship in early June...worked a busy but good job this summer (still working) helping the orientations for all the missionaries run smoothly. My last event is this week, and all the participants leave on Monday. Oh, and my internship for next year starts on Monday. eek. Seminary classes start the following week, and U of C classes start in a month. Whew!

*I bought a new car. I got a great trade-in deal on my Corolla, so I went for it. I have no business buying a new car, nor do I have any money, but somehow it all worked out and that's what I'm now the owner of a silver 2009 Toyota Camry. Wow!

What I'm most excited for in the next couple months is the 2 trips I have planned - somewhere I've found time/money to do that! I figure I need to do it to keep my own sanity. Soooo I'm going to visit Virginia and Michael in Philly over Labor Day weekend, and then helping Danielle and Bill and their 2 babies move from San Diego, CA, to Pensacola, FL, the 2nd week in September. The next month (and more) are gonna be craaaaaaaaaaazy!!!

Thank goodness for all my awesome family and friends (and oh yeah, that wonderful boyfriend!)

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Mariah said...

Mmmm, thanks for the update. Love you lady!