January 21, 2008

Super Bowl sadness

I had predicted that it would be the Packers and the Patriots in this year's Super Bowl...and after yesterday's cold & close game, I have found my prediction was dreadfully wrong. I don't think it's normal for someone to feel this sad about her team losing...I actually feel heavy-hearted about it. Well, I guess there is always next year, but I really thought this was our year.

The new quarter has started. Caucuses and debates are happening regularly. Football is still being played, at least a couple more games. The weather is colder than I-don't-know-what. Decisions that affect the rest of my life are to be made in the next couple weeks. Papers to be written, and many many articles to be read, which means lots to be learned, right? Volleyball games to be lost (but we're getting better!). So much life to be lived!

Yes, the new quarter has started...

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