November 17, 2007

Life in November

It's hard to believe that finals are nearly here for me. Quarters are something that will take awhile for me to get used to, I think. My first final is due on Monday. It's for my Sexuality Across the Life Cycle class, which is a great class except for the super-uber anecdotal nature of it. I love stories, but do I seriously need to know the details of the sex lives of all the people in my class?! Do we need to preface every comment by saying "well, I'm straight, but..." or "yeah, I'm gay, but..." Seriously people!

So yes, now it is time to find the motivation to write my 10 page final for this class. The bright side is that once I finish, then I'm finished....the down side....well, I have to write it. duh.

I'm not feelin so hot (cold, cough, Rudolph-lookin face...) plus there's been a lot of stuff happening in my life lately that I don't intend to plaster all over my blog or facebook....but essentially it all adds up to making life and school more difficult. I'm not complaining though....well, maybe I am. I think I can allow myself some weeks of feelin crappy about life, and then get back on the horse in a few weeks right?

On a more exciting note, I played football with LSTC last weekend in Gettysburg, PA and we kicked ass and had an awesome time. brought home the trophy. AND I'm a new Nala, a sweet, mischievous, hungry cat. A friend of ours rescued her, brought her back to health for a month, and now I've had her for about a month. She is convinced we are starving her, although I swear to you we aren't. She also has been known to attack our friend's weiner dog (sorry Hannah!). We have had no squirrel incidents recently, and I thank Nala for that. She's also a total lover - of everything, but especially food and attention. She likes to sleep on my chest right in front of my face. It's also nice when I'm feelin lonely to know that I'm not alone, cuz she's sitting her with me as I write these papers :)

Here's some pics:

LSTC Football Champions!

Nala, chillin with my froggie

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