August 11, 2007

Presidential Debate on Tuesday

Last Tuesday I was fortunate enough to attend a presidential debate at Soldier Field. It was for union members and their families only. The focus was "Working Families" and each of the Democratic candidates were present: Biden, Clinton, Dodd, Edwards, Kucinich, Obama, and Richardson. I was looking forward to going, but I wasn't overly excited. Once I got there though I realized how awesome it was that I was there. I've seen debates on TV but never in person. It was great to be right there where the action was. Unfortunately it was 8000 degrees out, but we survived! There were 17,000 people in attendance - imagine that energy! Some pics from my cell phone:

This is one from before it started with all the candidates up front. I haven't been a huge Hilary fan, but I must admit it was pretty fabulous to see a woman up there! Maybe that will be me someday?!

Here's a pic of Barack Obama on the big screen...a beautiful beautiful man with lots of good things to say :)

And Kucinich, by far the best candidate at the debate that night - at least if you're talking about someone who will support the rights of workers everywhere. I'm not saying I'm in the Kucinich camp at this moment, but I definitely need to do some more research before the primaries!

If you'd like to watch the debate online or read an article about it, click here....

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