May 18, 2006

Am I cleansed???

So that is the question isn't it?? Am I cleansed??? :)

I did the 10 day cleanse (see two entries below if you don't know what I'm talking about....) It was great and I'd highly recommend it to anyone. Not only to get the crap out of your also teaches you a lot about yourself. I learned that I do have willpower and that food doesn't have to control me. I also was amazed to realize how much our world revolves around food. Whenever you get together with a friend, what do you do? You go eat. And how do we plan our days?? They are usually structured around our meals.

Since coming off the cleanse I've been cooking more and really trying to focus on when and why I eat. I'm *mostly* vegan...but not completely. I'm just trying to eliminate things that are bad for my body, especially processed foods...and eat more fruits and vegetables (yes - believe it!!!) I make a mean smoothie, let me tell you.

So yeah, I'm not perfect...but at least I'm trying!!!!

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Anonymous said...

You should blog about the awesome fun of Memorial Day Weekend!!!