March 3, 2006

Wireless Internet - the Best Invention Ever

Picture this:

8:00 pm
All-day meeting, still meeting

Sound good??? Hell yeah it does!!!! I must say I'm an excellent multi-tasker - you know I'm TOTALLY paying attention AND updating my blog at the same time (Jennifer, if this doesn't warrant a comment, I don't know what does!!!!) I'm updating my blog while in a meeting :)

Who doesn't love wireless internet???

Wireless internet has allowed me to stay sane keep in touch with important people - you know who you are ;)

In other news - should I join Facebook?? It's trendy, and I don't like to be trendy....but sooo many people that I'm hanging out with right this moment are soooo into it - and I'm starting to feel like I need it (just like I did when I started this silly blog in D.C. - thanks Jennifer :) Please - if you are reading this let me know if you have Facebook so I can decide if I should take the plunge!!!!!


Becky said...

so yeah - i joined facebook tonite...add me if you got it! i'm at 11 friends right now, and i know there's more of you out there!

Heather said...

I don't think I can join facebook because I don't have a school email anymore. I do have a page on myspace, though!


sunday said...

Hei sounds like ya meeting went well and you had lots of fun.

looked at some of your pictures good to know you still have that ecclectic

Anonymous said...

Still no pictures of Wolle!!!!

Anonymous said...

hmmm - another day and still no pictures of Wolle. Hmm Sadness.